How To Get Pregnant Fast – Increasing Fertility Naturally

Are there any tips on getting pregnant more easily?

Yvonne Wilson:
Yes, many suggestions and tips exist, describing how to get pregnant fast, such as best positions, ovulation predictors, temperature for ovulation, losing weight,… and some of these tips are actually valuable.
But if you really want to get pregnant fast, you should use an combination of two natural products.
Those two healthy products together with specific dates for sexual intercourse raises your chances of getting pregnant naturally from 20-30% up to 87.1% within 1-3 cycles.

Three methods for conceiving:

Here at Child Wish we have three online methods of how to get pregnant fast, all three programs are based on the combination of these two natural products and specific dates for sexual intercourse.

Get pregnant fast:     For couples without known fertility problems who just started trying to conceive and
those who have been trying for some time.

Early miscarriages:    For couples who had early miscarriages, multiple miscarriages or recurrent miscarriages.

PCOS and miscarriage:  For women trying to conceive with PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
with or without having had a previous miscarriage/chemical pregnancy.

Child Wish is led by the team of four fertility experts, who have created three highly accurate methods to get pregnant. Our methods contain: a combination of two unique natural products, discovered after several years of experiments and research. Check out our Get Pregnant Fast pageto learn more on how to get pregnant fast naturally.

It can be a traumatic experience for a woman to suffer a miscarriage. Women who have miscarried more than three times are given the diagnosis of “multiple repeated miscarriages”. There are known cases of women having more than three miscarriages in one year. If you are trying to conceive after an early miscarriage check out our second method: Early Miscarriages. This is a very effective treatment for women with multiple early miscarriages. It provides a 84.6% chance of getting pregnant again within 1-3 months, and reduces the chances of miscarriage to less than 0.3%

Many women these days are not sure whether they are ovulating regularly or not. If you don’t ovulate every month, this can be one of the symptoms for being diagnosed with PCOS – polycystic ovarian syndrome. PCOS and getting pregnant isn’t impossible but for people with PCOS it’s not that easy. Currently it is estimated that 1 out of 10 women suffer from this syndrome. Although you still can get pregnant with PCOS, every month the chance of conceiving is smaller and the risk for a miscarriage is higher. Check out the PCOS and miscarriage page to learn more about how to get pregnant with PCOS, and consider using our third method.

A popular drug used to help promote ovulation these days is Clomid®. Although Clomid® can help you to ovulate, it still can not provide you with a full guarantee of getting pregnant. We have collected answers to common questions: “What time of day should I take Clomid®?” and “When should we have intercourse if using Clomid®?”. Triple your chances of getting pregnant with Clomid® in combination with our two natural products.

On the page, “Days to get pregnant in a woman’s cycle” we have explained the matter and collected tips and tricks to tell you more about the best time to get pregnant. Take an additional step to ensure the right way to get pregnant fast.
If you have any further questions about one of our three methods to get pregnant, check out the FAQ page.

To couples who want to know more about other couples and their experiences of getting pregnant, we recommend reading the personal story of Evy and her husband.
You will find this story of PCOS and miscarriage under testimonials, where you can find out how Evy was able to have two children after three early miscarriages, and after being diagnosed with PCOS and after suffering from an ectopic pregnancy.



How to get Pregnant Faster – Top Ten Tips

Tip # 1. To get pregnant faster have sex three times a week.

Having regular sex is the best way to get pregnant. Couples often try to time everything perfectly for ovulation but do not have sex when they think they are not ovulating. It is true that sex that is not within the time of ovulation will not result in pregnancy. However, because women do not always ovulate when they think they will, having sex three times a week will help a woman to cover her bases, so to speak, and not miss an opportunity to get pregnant.

Tip # 2. To get pregnant faster use an ovulation prediction kit or fertility monitor.

Using an ovulation kit to predict when you are ovulating will improve your chances of getting pregnant. For many women charting or other methods of ovulation prediction are too confusing. Ovulation prediction kits work by reading LH surges prior to ovulation. They are relatively easy to use and are generally accurate for predicting ovulation. Fertility monitors, such as the Clear Blue Easy monitor, are also a worthwhile investment if you would like to get pregnant faster. Fertility monitors are similar to ovulation prediction kits in that they read changes in LH but they also read changes in other hormones and don’t require any guesswork for couples. They are easy to use and will tell you when the best time to get pregnant is.

Tip # 3. To get pregnant faster have sex before ovulation (not after).

Sometimes couples get confused about the best time to have sex in relationship to ovulation. You have a small window of time each month to get pregnant. After a woman ovulates the egg will survive approximately 24 hours. Sperm, on the other hand, will live for up to three to five days. This is why having sex two to three days before ovulation will increase your chances of getting pregnant. Don’t wait until the day you ovulate to have sex. Your partner’s sperm will last longer than your egg and you don’t want to miss an opportunity by waiting.

Tip # 4. Don’t rely on the Calendar method for predicting ovulation.

A lot of couples have heard to have sex around day fourteen of your cycle. This is based on the calendar method and assumes that you have a regular 28-day cycle and ovulate mid-cycle. Although this is better than just picking an arbitrary day to have sex, it is not a very accurate way to predict when you ovulate. Many women do not ovulate on day fourteen and knowing precisely when you ovulate will help you time intercourse better. Ovulation prediction kits, looking at previous months bbt charts, or watching for signs of ovulation will help you to determine when you ovulate.

Tip # 5. If you want to get pregnant faster, don’t rely on fertility charting alone to predict ovulation.

Fertility Charting is great for tracking your cycle but it does have disadvantages. By the time you can see ovulation on a bbt chart, you have already ovulated. It is good to chart so you can track your cycles, see if you ovulate the same time each month, and also so you can look back on your cycle and see if you timed things right. But if this is your first cycle trying to get pregnant or if you are not ovulating at the same time each month, an ovulation prediction kit would be more helpful.

Tip # 6. Before you start trying to get pregnant see your doctor.

Make sure you are in good health and have had a regular check up from your OBGYN or medical provider. Untreated infections, sexually transmitted diseases, or poor health can affect your chances of getting pregnant. Its good to see a doctor as well as start taking prenatal vitamins prior to trying to conceive.

Tip # 7. When trying to get pregnant, don’t smoke, drink alcohol, or abuse drugs.

This may seem like common sense but many women do try to get pregnant while smoking, drinking or using drugs. Smoking, drugs, and alcohol can affect your fertility. It will also affect your unborn child. It is important to stop smoking or using drugs and alcohol before getting pregnant and not wait until you find out you are pregnant.

Tip # 8. To get pregnant faster have enjoyable sex.

Sometimes when couples are trying to conceive, sex becomes a job or function of reproduction and is not as enjoyable. Plan a romantic evening or try something different to spice things up. How you are feeling sexually may factor into your chances of getting pregnant. Some researchers believe that having an orgasm during sex increases your chances of getting pregnant. For women, the spasmic movements of orgasm will help pull the sperm into the uterus and for men a better orgasm may increase the man’s sperm count.

Tip # 9. Have sex in positions that keep sperm inside the vagina longer.

The missionary position is a good position to use when trying to get pregnant. Avoid positions where the woman is on top. Gravity will allow sperm to leak out with these positions. Also try placing a pillow under your hips to help tilt your pelvis and keep the sperm in longer. Don’t get up right after sex. Try to relax and allow the sperm to stay in the vagina as long as possible.

Tip # 10.  There is no such thing as trying too hard to get pregnant.

Most couples get pregnant within a year of trying. If you have not gotten pregnant within a year consult your doctor for advice.


Treatment for Miscarriage Related To PCOS

Miscarriage is really a distressing and traumatic experience one pregnant woman or mother can encounter. It would be the saddest feeling on earth, especially on the thought that the baby that is soon to come out from the womb is gone. Miscarriage can affect every pregnant woman especially those with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Polycystic ovarian syndrome patients are found to be at high risk in developing this very dreadful complication of pregnancy.

However, you can get rid of this complication as long as you know what to do and who to seek for help. On the other hand, some person can have this complication especially if she has a certain disease that can trigger the occurrence of this. Proper management and treatment of the disease is necessary. Some may be lucky to save the lives of their child and some may not. The article will discuss about the different treatments of miscarriages that are related to polycystic ovarian syndrome.

The treatment of miscarriage varies on the type of miscarriage that happened to a certain pregnant woman. Such types include threatened, incomplete, missed and complete. In some cases, there is no treatment for miscarriage unless signs of infection and impending dehydration or severe blood loss are present. Moreover, the treatment mainly focuses on saving the life of the mother. On the other hand, in threatened abortion, the treatment will also focus on saving further survival of child inside the womb or pregnancy.

Rest is one of the first considered treatments in miscarriage issues. Promoting the rest of the mother will help in regaining her energy to continue carry the fetus and continue her pregnancy. In this case, most physicians require the mother to undergo total bed rest with minimal physical activity, especially in pregnant mothers with threatened abortion.

Furthermore, other medications are also administered in preventing the baby from coming out of the womb. Medications like Progesterone can maintain pregnancy as well as delay miscarriage. On the other hand, studies have not proven this medication effective, aside from its effect on miscarriage and delaying pre term labor. The avoidance of taking in any aspirins or non-steroidal inflammatory drugs is also advised to pregnant woman. Moreover, mild pain medications are used for pain relief and acetaminophens like Tylenol.

While in incomplete abortion, watchful waiting is done on woman. Since there is an incomplete abortion, physicians and health care team will wait for the total expulsion of fetus via normal labor without inducing any medication. On the other hand, some physician may still consider the use of some medications like misoprostol which acts to empty the whole uterus.

Furthermore, a minor surgery is also performed if the fetus is not totally expelled and to clean and clear the uterus of the mother. The surgery is called dilation and curettage or also known as vacuum aspiration. This is done to prevent occurrence of infection and further blood loss.

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Discover How To Get Pregnant Quickly Using Natural And Inexpensive Methods

Many natural techniques are available when determining how to get pregnant quickly. The first step is for both parents to make healthy lifestyle choices. This includes eliminating risk factors such as smoking, drinking, and drugs. Couples may also consider getting involved in a healthy eating program as well as a regular exercise regimen. Striving for the best possible overall health is essential.

Determining ovulation cycles is important. While many couples use a calendar method or fertility chart to estimate ovulation, these methods often rely on assumptions which may not be reliable. A more precise method is an ovulation test kit or fertility kit. Once ovulation cycles are determined, it is important to have sex regularly before ovulation as well as after.

Regular sexual intercourse plays a big part in getting pregnant faster. Couples should have sex at least three times per week. At the same time, too much sex decreases the quality of the male orgasm so good balance in sexual activity is key.

Sexual positions which hold sperm in the vagina longer can help. Use the missionary position and avoid positions where the woman is on top. The woman can lie still in bed for a short period of time after sex to help keep sperm in the vagina.

It is important to engage in sex practices that are enjoyable to both partners, so that sex does not simply become a function of reproduction. Sex acts resulting in female orgasm help the inner muscles pull sperm into the uterus. A strong ejaculation from the male partner helps deliver the sperm most effectively.

Good health, enjoyable and regular sex, and precise determination of ovulation cycles are all excellent natural methods for prospective parents. These methods together can help couples on their journey to find out how to get pregnant quickly.

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